Investments List

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The Available Investments Guide also gives further information on the types of investment accessible through the service. 

The Investments List details the investments available through Novia. It shows some important information about the investments you may be able to access through Novia and from here you will be able to view the broad range we make available. Investments available through Novia are divided into two:

Novia Investments

The Investments List shows the investments that can be traded via Novia. It provides information including the charges that apply to these investments and the yield after charges as a result, the type and objective of the investment and how it is priced. Independent ratings and factsheets are also available.

Exchange Order Execution Venue and Quality Report for 2018, 2019 and 2020

Click here to view Novia’s regulatory Exchange Order Execution Venue and Quality Report for 2018. 

Click here to view Novia’s regulatory Exchange Order Execution Venue and Quality Report for 2019.

Click here to view Novia’s regulatory Exchange Order Execution Venue and Quality Report for 2020. 

These reports are produced on a calendar year basis to provide information to the public on the identity of the execution venues, the volumes and types of financial instrument traded, and the quality of execution for the Novia Platform Service.  (please click here for the excel file 20182019 and 2020

Novia Stockbroker Investments: Equities (traded in sterling on the LSE) including Shares and Investment Trusts. These are invested through a Stocktrade share dealing account.

A number of other investments are made available through the service via the use of a Novia Stockbroker Account. This allows you to trade Sterling denominated equities listed on the London Stock Exchange. More information on Novia Stockbroker Accounts is available here. Investors should consult their Adviser for more information on equities that can be traded and whether this may be suitable for them.

Important information for Investors regarding the Investments List
  • The Novia service is only available through a Financial Adviser. You should consult your Adviser for more information on investing through Novia and the investments that may be accessible. Novia does not offer any advice and is not able to make recommendations or judgements about the suitability or appropriateness of any investments made available.
  • Risks may apply to all of the available investments. The value of these investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than your original investment. Past performance is not a guide to the returns you may receive in the future. The value of your product wrappers and any returns will depend upon the performance of the underlying investments selected. More information on the risks that may apply can be found in the Key Features. You should speak to your adviser for a better understanding of the risks of these investments.
  • Some investments available via the service may be alternative or complex and may only be suitable for experienced Investors. Please see the Key Features and Terms & Conditions and speak to your Adviser for more information. You should be aware that higher risks may apply to alternative investments and that when dealing in these investments you may be afforded a lower level of regulatory protection.
  • Not all investments are permitted in all product wrappers, due to the regulatory restrictions in place. The list indicates whether the investments can be included in an ISA, SIPP or Offshore Bond. All may be held within a GIA, subject to their availability to new Investors. Please speak to your Adviser if you are unsure.
  • Please note that the re-registration status in this list only refers to investments held directly with the investment manager. Third Party providers such as stockbrokers or investment platforms may have their own rules around what will and will not, allow to be re-registered, as well as the charges they make. It is important that you and your Adviser check with your existing Third Party provider prior to completing any re-registration documentation.
  • Re-registration will not be available into or out of all product wrappers. For example re-registration is not possible for an Offshore Bond or into a SIPP, and is not always possible into an ISA or GIA. If you are unsure whether you can re-register investments you hold into a product wrapper we offer, please consult your Adviser.
  • You should be aware of the specific risks that may apply to the investments detailed. You should always check the prospectus of any fund for more information on any specific risks that may apply
  • If you are unable to find the investment you are looking for, then you can make a request to have the asset loaded. This can be done by completing the Asset Request form and sending it on to your Regional Sales Manager or Relationship Manager.