Model Portfolios

The Novia service can allow an adviser to establish and manage model portfolios where appropriate to the investment proposition they offer their clients.

Model portfolios comprising a bespoke mix of investments can be established for any number of risk profiles (for example 1 through to 10) or product wrappers and these will be uploaded for adviser use.

We provide the option to allow the advisory firm to establish their own model portfolios to reflect their investment proposition or appoint a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM). We have established relationships with some leading DFM firms as shown on the Discretionary Fund Managers page - but can work with most other Discretionary Fund Managers as well.

Once established, asset allocations and investment composition can be changed at any time for one or all model portfolios providing excellent flexibility and without any Novia switching charges.

And if an established model portfolio is appropriate for a new client - this can be selected online and the application pre-populated with the appropriate mix of investments.

For more information on how model portfolios can be established on the Novia service please contact your Regional Sales Manager.