Share Dealing

Your Novia Stockbroker Account

The Novia wealth management service can provide advised clients with full access to the wide variety of equities traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). This is through a dedicated Novia Stockbroker Account (offered through Stocktrade) which offers real-time trading both online and over the phone.

We use our highly experienced and respected stockbroking partner, Stocktrade, to provide this service as an integral part of investing in the various product wrappers* we offer. For more information please click here.

The ability to buy exchange traded investments allows clients and their Advisers to build a balanced portfolio taking full advantage of the wide range of investment types available. Investment Trusts trade on the LSE and can provide an alternative to traditional funds such as unit trusts. They can offer exposure to a broad variety of markets, indices and sectors around the world and some may do so at a considerably lower cost than other collective investments.

Shares in companies listed on the LSE can also be bought, both big and small. For more information on these investments please see the Available Investments Guide, and clients can consult their Adviser on how suitable these are for them. Equities and other stock exchange traded products can only be traded via a Novia Stockbroker Account where we can source a price via our data provider. Where a price cannot be sourced, the dealing party may be asked to sell the holding and we will contact them with this information this as soon as possible.

*Equity trading is permitted within the General Investment Account, Stocks and Shares ISA and SIPP product wrappers. Equity trading is not permitted within an Offshore Bond.

Novia Stockbroker Account - Literature

There are a number of available documents which detail how the Novia Stockbroker Account operates and the terms that will apply.

Stocktrade login and literature

Stocktrade Service Guide - is a guide provided by Stocktrade explaining how the share dealing account works.

Stocktrade Terms of Service - gives the terms under which the Stocktrade share dealing service operates. Additional information is provided in the Novia Terms & Conditions and the Novia Key Features Document.

Novia Stockbroker Account Investor Q&As

Q/ When can I open a Novia Stockbroker Account?
A/ To open a Novia Stockbroker Account and begin trading equities you must already hold a product wrapper with the Novia service. If you have not opened a product wrapper please speak to your Adviser for more information on how to do so. When you open a product wrapper through Novia you may apply to open a Novia Stockbroker Account.

Q/ How do I open a Novia Stockbroker Account?
A/ Your Adviser will be able to help you set up a Novia Stockbroker Account. When you first decide to trade equities within a product wrapper and indicate this on your application, we will ask Stocktrade to set up an account for you within that product wrapper. You will be sent a welcome letter detailing your username and instructions on how to set up a password. Once you have these details you will need to access to your share dealing account through the Novia secure website (access to our secure website is provided by your Adviser). You may also allow your Adviser access to your share dealing account to deal on your behalf, but only one party can deal per account. The other party will be given view-only access. 

Q/ Can I open a Novia Stockbroker Account in each product wrapper I hold?
A/ Novia Stockbroker Accounts are specific to each product wrapper you hold. If you wish to trade equities in all of the product wrappers you hold you will need a share dealing account within each one. However, equities may not be traded within the Offshore Bond.

Q/ How do I trade through a Novia Stockbroker Account?
A/ Once your Novia Stockbroker Account has been opened, we will transfer funds to it from the Cash Facility of your product wrapper as you have instructed. Once cleared funds have been received in the account, you may begin trading. You may deal in real-time throughout the LSE trading day (typically 8am-4.30pm) either online or by telephone.

You can log in to your Novia Stockbroker Account using the username and password issued to you once you have accessed the Novia secure website. Alternatively, once your account is operational, you may telephone Stocktrade direct with your unique account details. More information on day to day use of your Novia Stockbroker Account can be found in the documents listed above.

Q/ What are the charges for equity trading?

A/ For details of the Novia Stockbroker Account charges, please see the Novia Charges Schedule.

 Important Information: If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment or service you should contact an appropriate financial Adviser. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall, and you may not receive back the amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to the future. The investments and investment services referred to on this website may not be suitable for all Investors and if in doubt an Investor should seek advice from a qualified investment Adviser. Novia does not recommend any investment nor offer any advice. Mention or inclusion of any investment on this page does not imply its suitability or recommendation.


Interest Rate Payable on cash held within a Novia Stockbroker Account

  •  Cash held within a Novia Stockbroker Account attracts interest paid by Stocktrade. Cash held will earn interest at a tiered rate below the Bank of England Base Rate ("base"), accrued on a daily basis. Details of the rates of interest are available upon request from Stocktrade.
  • Interest is applied half yearly in April and October according to the Terms & Conditions of the Stockbroker.
  • Please see the Stocktrade website for further details of interest paid on cash held within a Novia Stockbroker Account at