Report Zone

Report Zone is a sophisticated web based reporting tool for Advisers using the Novia wrap platform. It allows Advisers to access an extensive range of user friendly Management Information (MI) reports designed to help advisers get supporting information about their client's holdings through Novia at the touch of a button. For a brief overview of Report Zone, please click here

Intuitive and easy to use - designed to be straightforward and uncomplicated to use from start to finish

  • Easily accessible - online web application available at any time from the Novia website
  • Quick - reports can be downloaded and exported in a matter of seconds
  • Updated daily - up to date data is refreshed daily from the Novia system and Financial Express pricing data
  • Extensive - a wide range of reports enable firm owners and Advisers to analyse business they are writing, access compliance and administration MI and in-depth client portfolio information
  • Flexible - All reports can be downloaded in several different formats which can be manipulated and edited, used as part of a firm's audit trail, printed for clients and recorded for compliance and management purposes.
  • Comprehensive - reports cover all aspects of business written via Novia - including clients, valuations, Adviser charging, investments and transactions
  • Supports Back Office - you can quickly and easily update your chosen Adviser Back Office Software (as supported by the provider).

Please click here for more information about Report Zone and how it can support Advisers and their businesses

Please click here to login to Report Zone

If you don't currently have access please email Client Services or speak to your Regional Sales Manager for more details.

  • Access to Report Zone is provided to individuals depending on their role. Access can be given to firm owners, Advisers and paraplanners.
  • Reports for Advisers and their paraplanners cover all of the clients they work with via the Novia platform. Different levels of access can easily be set up by the firm's designated administrator.

Firm Owner Key Benefits include:

  • Quick access to wide range of reports covering all Advisers, and all Novia business
  • Extensive MI for Compliance and TCF purposes - ensuring Advisers follow firm guidelines on investments and Adviser charges
  • Quickly identify funds and fund managers used and clients invested in them
  • Understand the types of business which has been written via the Novia platform by each adviser and a breakdown of the individual charges earned
  • Improve everyday administration - such as Adviser Charging reconciliation
  • Update your Back Office Software easily - upload details of your client's holdings into your chosen providers programmes. This is as supported by the software provider concerned - please contact Client Services.

Adviser Key Benefits include:

  • Quickly identify important clients and investments they hold that may need reviewing
  • Client Valuations - downloadable/printable for use at client meetings or as regular statements
  • Identify how and where Adviser charges are earned
  • Monitor income distributions
  • Easily updated Adviser Back Office Software

What do I do next?

For further details regarding Report Zone and to understand how it can help you run your business more effectively please speak to your Regional Sales Manager. They can offer you advice as to how to get the most out of Report Zone.

Please speak to Client Services to arrange for login details to be issued for your and the rest of your firm.

How can I access Report Zone?

You can login to Report Zone here. You will be asked for your username and password. To register for these login credentials please email Client Services using our secure email facility available here or speak to your Regional Sales Manager

What do I need to use Report Zone and what about security?

Report Zone is available to use at anytime via a standard web browser - no additional technology will be required. The data is uploaded securely from the source systems on a daily basis. Novia's security model allows users to view only the data that they are entitled to see.

Can I white-label reports from Report Zone?

All Report Zone output can be white labelled with an Adviser firm's logo. Simply ask Client Services or your Regional Sales Manager and supply a logo and this will be added.

Can training be provided?

Whilst Report Zone is highly intuitive and easy to use, we can provide training and support via the Client Services team.