Our Technology Enhancements

Here you’ll find details of our latest technology enhancements, all designed with you and your clients in mind. We’re proud of our approach to technology development and the great news is that we’ve got an exciting series of enhancements to our platform services to help you provide the right choices for your clients.  



A Faster Trading Cycle for Rebalances and Switches

We’ve listened to your feedback about trading cycles.

When each sale has to finalise before purchases are processed, the trading cycle can take a number of days to complete. Our new minimum trade cycle will significantly speed up the process, which means efficiencies for you and your clients.

Now, as soon as all sales for a rebalance are contractually confirmed, we instruct the purchases. (There may be some circumstances when this won’t happen, as detailed in the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions.) Our new process also reduces the time out of market for your clients.

Find out more about how the process works for your clients in the Minimum Trade Cycle FAQs, or get in touch with your usual Novia contact for details on our new trading functionality. 



Easy and flexible management of tax-free pension income  

We’ve now introduced increased flexibility to our pension drawdown proposition, with the introduction of a regular drip-feed drawdown for your clients.

You can select this new option for your clients, where it’s suitable, to allow regular Benefit Crystallisation Events (BCEs) to their drawdown accounts, with the option to take regular income over a range of frequencies.

Your client can choose an income payment date on any day between 1st and 28th of the month and we’ve developed a new Pension Application Withdrawal  form that's interactive to help you request the suitable retirement income options for your clients. It can be found in the Servicing Section of Secure Literature.


Find out more by checking out the Drip Feed Drawdown FAQs, or feel free to get in touch with your usual Novia contact.